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Steam Early Access – Update#2 Live!

We’ve released Update#2 to the game, which includes the following new features and content: 

  • 2 new race tracks to tear up: Processing Plant Alpha (Beginner) and Processing Plant Theta (Intermediate) 
  • Speed Classes: 3 levels of ship speed class to choose from 
  • Steam Leaderboards: Compare your fastest lap times against friends and the global community on Steam and in-game
  • Steam Stats: Keep track of your racing prowess and accomplishments in-game 
  • Steam Achievements: Race hard and fast to unlock personal rewards 
  • 2 new work-in-progress music tracks to listen to: Processing Plant Alpha (Beginner) and Processing Plant Theta (Intermediate) 
  • Quick Race: Just click [QUICK RACE] to get into multi-player quicker 
  • Lap Attack: Single player ‘Lap Attack’ now is endless laps until you quit
  • ULTRA HARD AI: Whilst tuning the AI, we accidentally created a monster mind! 
  • Many tweaks, bug fixes and improvements to make the game more enjoyable

We hope you enjoy the new additions, let us know what you think below

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