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Steam Early Access Press Catch-Up

We’ve been a little tardy of late updating the website with all the press coverage we have received since the launch of the game on Steam Early Access, so we thought it’s about time we addressed the issue and compiled all the articles and videos below for you. So, read on!



First up, we won an award! We attended the first ever, inaugural “Virtual Reality Awards [2014]” and were chosen as the ‘People’s Choice – Best VR Experience’, which made us very happy and was a great way to end a roller-coaster ride of a year full of trials and tribulations. This was the first Virtual Reality Awards presented and hosted in VR!


Next up we have a collection of previews and reviews of the Steam Early Access, starting with the always great VR Focus. They ran a series of articles leading up to and throughout the Steam Early Access launch, including:

Steam Early Access Preview:
Multi-player Preview:
12 Days of VR Gaming:
Video Interview with our Game Producer:

Many other sites piled in with coverage and previews of the Steam Early Access version, many of which you can find below:

PC Gamer – Steam Early Access Trailer:
Road to VR – Steam Early Access Preview:
Rift Arcade – Steam Early Access Trailer:
Rift Arcade – Steam Early Access Preview:
Rift Arcade – Steam Early Access Mutli-player:
VR Reviewer – Steam Early Access Preview:

There are many other VR-centric websites who we gave early access to the Steam Early Access version and you can find their thoughts here: VR-Nerds (DE) | Enter the Rift #1 (FR) | Enter the Rift #2 (FR)Real O Virtual (ES)

We like to work closely with various websites and help out where we can to create content and coverage for the game and we pulled out all the stops for Road To VR to create a LAN version of the multi-player server so that they could get together in a room and play against each other. You can read the write-up here:

The increasingly wonderful VR news YouTube segment from VirtuAlly, hosted by PixelWhipt, worked with PureVR to provide a video preview segment to one episide, which you can see below:

Other coverage came from indirect references across a number of sites covering other aspects of gaming and VR, including the Kotaku-UK51 British Games to Look Out for in 2015” article, a Polygon review of the KOR-FX haptic vest, Indie Haven‘s “Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2015” list, and our Game Producer talks about the future of gaming in 2015 to Vice.

But then, being indie and getting coverage these days isn’t all about the known, gaming-specific sites, it’s about YouTube Let’s Players and Twitch streamers and we were happy to see our lovely  fan Andy M post his thoughts about the Steam Early Access version:

and many others including Oculus Rifter, Blondy Eddy, a single player and a multi-player look from The Joe Show, Button Mash, Immersive Gamer and Stereo 3D Productions (WARNING: Coarse language throughout!) (We hear you! Easy on the splits!) ^_^

Finally, at some point over the Christmas Holiday break, when lots of people were taking the opportunity to introduce their family members to VR for the first time, this happened:

Look out for more coverage coming soon including a preview in the February issue of Indie Gamer Mag, hopefully a preview and more coverage on Polygon and IGN, industry discussion about developing for VR with Unity3D in the February print-issue of Develop, more Let’s Players and of course, details of the 1st big update to the Steam Early Access version. We will also be revealing our plans for PS4 and Xbox One releases later in the year and some hardware partnerships we’ve been working on in the background that have us very excited!

We are looking at attending a number of events again throughout 2015 and have confirmed we will be appearing at SouthWestVR VR Conference 2015, in Bristol UK. We will most likely be at EGX Rezzed in London, UK in March and are hoping to be present at GDC, San Francisco too! Plus many more we haven’t finalised yet…

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