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Getting Started Tutorial

What do all the buttons do? What do all the dials mean? What are these things on track? How can I play better and improve my lap times?

Watch the tutorial video below for all the answers and read the additional tips underneath to find out how!




Cockpit Layout



There are three ships to choose from: Onyx MKII, Viper and The Hound. Try them all and choose the one that suits you best.


There are three tracks to choose from: Asteroid Sprint, Processing Plant and Dead Zone, in order of increasing length and challenge.

Gameplay Modes

Lap Attack – Race against the clock to set your fastest lap time and practice without any other traffic.

Race – Either single player or multi-player, race against up to 15 other opponents in a single race, with the following settings:

– Normal: Standard race with slowdown gates enabled

– No Gates: Race with pure speed and no slowdown gates

– Elimination: Set the time period that the latest player gets eliminated each time the countdown reaches zero. Stay ahead of the pack to avoid being eliminated

– Death Race: No shield regeneration so look after it! Last racer alive wins, not necessarily the one at the front

Tips for Improving Your Lap Times

1. Aim for the inside line of the corners, it’s faster!

2. Can’t see where you’re going? Rotate around the track so that it’s curving up in front of you, not down away from you.

3. Chain boosts together to reach and maintain top speed!

4. Draft behind other players to get a speed advantage in the slipstream.

5. Go inverted! There are more speed boost pads on the ceiling in tunnels than there are on the track.

6. Stay in the middle of the split tracks to avoid falling off.

7. Avoid hitting the red gates… duh!

8. Balance your shield and boost by manually boosting to maintain top speed.

9. Hit the jumps square on for maximum lift and boost!

10. Practice and have fun, you can only get better ^_^

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