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Radial-G – Credits and Thanks


Game Director & Lead Game Designer : Geoff Cullen
Game Producer & Community Manager : Sam Watts
Developer Extraordinaire : David Lyne
Lead Artist & Music Composer : Michalis Mavronas
Concept Artist : Gavriil Mavronas

Supporting Artist : Iain Douglas
Supporting Artist : David Wilson
Supporting Developer : Josh Jeffries
Supporting Developer : Nicola Birtwistle
Supporting Developer : Paul Hayes
Supporting Developer : Nikos Chagialas
Supporting Developer : Iestyn Lloyd

Localisation Services : Loc-3

Game Music Composers:

Audio – Craven
Deadly Avenger – Skyrunner’s Revenge
Delta Heavy – Fugitive
Delta Heavy
– Pursuit
Fortran – Lazer Gazer
HERVE – Velocity
 – PhaseInvert
KoHTakt – Terminal Velocity
Lab Grown Music – Rush
Lab Grown Music & Dan Page – Buzzooka
MaverickMan – Release the Kraken
MaverickMan – SlingBlade
MickX – Magnetic Flux
Mutiny UK – Overkill
Phil Johnston– Stellar
– Mashed
RuN RiOT – Nebula
Syndroid – Neuropunk
Tom Evans – Pro Shifter
Utah Saints – Mindwarp

Many thanks to:

Danny Goodayle , Roberta Saliani, Tom Pickard, Tom Betts & Julian McKinlay for their wise words, Thomas Bidaux for crowd-source knowledge, Foucauld Escaillet for event assistance, Pete Hobson for sheer enthusiasm and James Marsden for Sony advice and positive outlook on life. A huge thanks to everyone who backed us on Kickstarter and voted YES for us on Steam Greenlight, the welcoming /r/Oculus community and everyone else since who has shown support and encouragement for the team and the game. Thanks to AntiCleric for the Technolust cross-promotion; we love your game and the treatment of our baby in it. Thanks to those who have hosted us for various events, including Sticky Mikes Frog Bar (Brighton), Loading Bar (Dalston, London), SWVR and VR Brighton Meetups, TEDx Brighton, Evocca College (Australia) for PAX Aus and Microsoft & ASUS for Paris Games Week. A big thanks to everyone who took part in the SSST sessions and helped us test the multiplayer builds. A huge thanks to all the websites who have covered the game through the Kickstarter & Steam Greenlight campaigns and our ongoing development. A special mention to The Koshinator for setting unbeatable lap times. Last but by no means least, thank you to Palmer Luckey for inventing the Oculus Rift, Callum Underwood for excellent developer relations and the rest of the amazing Oculus team. Last but no means least, Shuhei Yoshida & Agostino Simonetta for opening the door to us at Sony Playstation and PSVR.

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