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Game Music Plans

As we near our Steam Early Access release on Thursday December 11th, it’s time to look at some of the game music composers we are working with and plan to work with in the future.

During our Kickstarter campaign, and since Day One conception of the game, we always stressed and knew how important game music is to our overall vision. Harking back to the days of when Wipeout first released on PlayStation, creating an amazing complete package of design, visuals, gameplay and a ear-blowing electronic soundtrack, we wanted to recreate that superior collection of elements to make Radial-G : Racing Revolved something truly special.

We reached out to indie and well-known game music composers (and a number contacted us directly,) to help realise our vision of creating an aural spectacle to match the fast-paced graphics and gameplay. So for the Steam Early Access version, we are looking to work with the following composers:





Mungo Nation

Paradise Decay


Phil Johnstone


Throughout the Steam Early Access period leading up to v1.0 release, we will then revisit our plans to work with the more well-known game music composers, now we know associated costs and can plan budgets accordingly, such as:

Joris de Man

Jonathan vd Wijngaarden

Tim “CoLDSToRAGE” Wright


Chris Apple Studios

Orb Soundwerx


If you have any thoughts about music genres you think should be included, then share them with us! We have setup a collaborative Spotify playlist which you can add tracks to.


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