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Single Player Demo – v1.3 OVR DK2 SDK 0.4 – Guide

We’ve update the Windows version of the single player demo so that it is now compiled and utilising OVR SDK 0.4 properly for Oculus Rift DK2 headsets.

However we’ve found you still have to do the following to get it work properly as expected:

1. Go to your display properties and rotate the RIFT DK2 display 90-degrees

2. Set the Rift to ‘EXTENDED MODE’ in the 0.4 Oculus Config Tool

3. Set the RIFT DK2 as your primary display in your display settings

4.Ensure you check the ‘Oculus Rift Enabled’ tickbox on the in-game main menu!


It’s a good idea to move the Radial-G : Racing Revolved single player demo desktop shortcut to the right centre of your screen before doing the above.

NB. Once you have enabled ‘Oculus mode’ at least once within the demo on the game menu, you can then just use [START] on the controller or [RETURN] on the keyboard to launch, to help make it less painful until we implement Rift menus.


Please also make sure you have updated the firmware for the DK2 headset following Oculus VR’s instructions on how to do so.

Also please make sure you have downloaded and installed the Oculus VR Rift Config Tool from their website (requires developer account login).


There’s also a useful tool created by Bilago for helping launch DK2-enabled titles, which is explained and available from the /r/Oculus subreddit


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  • Bernard Cozier

    Hello there why can’t you make a “Direct_to_Rift” executable demo which does not require the oculus rift to be the primary display (very inconvenient), as most new DK2 SDK 0.4 demos have a separate executable “Direct_to_Rift.exe” if you can do this I will immediately buy the game. Please make it happen.

    • Sam

      Hi Bernard

      We will do when we release the next version of the demo. We are looking into SDK 0.4.1 support at the moment and will update everyone when we are ready.